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“Discovering Francesca’s music and talent was one of the greatest discoveries and blessings of the home isolation times for me and our FRG Ministry. Beauty, anointing and grace flow from every note. She is an incredible gift to the Kingdom of God.”

Fr. Rob Galea (Founder of FRG Ministry, Sandhurst Diocese, Victoria, Australia)

"Her deeply emotive settings are sung enthusiastically by our congregation and give a fresh, new appreciation and perspective on the Psalms while staying true to the ICEL translation.  They are truly unique, very prayerful, and extraordinarily beautiful."

Edward Persin (Diocesan Director of Music, Palm Beach, FL)

"...we find Francesca's psalm settings to be very accessible, well-written, and the piano parts often add another level of musical depth that can help evoke engagement and active participation because there is an emotional connection between the music and text while helping to convey the liturgical theme of the day."

Michael Chinnavaso (Music Director - St. Joseph Basilica, Diocese of Oakland, CA)

The music Francesca has written for the Psalms has brought new life and energy to the Liturgy of the Word at our parish! The Psalms are written in a way that will naturally make any congregation want to sing.  The recordings online are a huge plus and a great resource for my singers to practice at home.

Joey Ferreira (Director of Music - Saint Mary Catholic Church, Fort Walton Beach, FL)

"Francesca's beautifully arranged psalms provide a contemporary feel that are easy for any congregation to use!"

Steven Gruhalla (Director of Music - St. Amelia Parish, Tonawanda, NY)